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  The aim of this paper is to develop knowledge and skills 
  relating to the tax system as applicable to individuals, 
  single companies, and groups of companies.   
  It focuses on five separate taxes that an accountant would 
  need to have a detailed knowledge of. On completion of this 
  paper students are expected to be able to explain and compute:  
  - income tax liabilities of individuals(IT);  
  - corporation tax liabilities of individual companies 
  and groups of companies(CT); 
  - chargeable gains arising on companies 
  and individuals(CGT/chargeable gain);  
  - national insurance contributions on employees, 
  employers and the self employed(NIC);  
  - value added tax on incorporated and 
  unincorporated businesses(VAT). 
  Knowledge of tax payers’ obligations and the 
  consequences of non-compliance is also required.   
  Ⅱ. 考试形式及题型: 
  F6 is a three-hour paper-based exam plus 15 minutes’ reading time.  
  The exam consists of five compulsory questions; 
  they are predominantly computational, although 
  each question may contain written elements.  
Question Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Total
55 in total, with one worth 30 and the other worth 25 20 15 10 100
Key exam areas Income tax (IT) Corporation tax(CT) chargeable gain 个人公司 Any area Any area
  Value added tax (VAT): 每次考试至少10分VAT题,一般包括在Q1或Q2中,
  National insurance contributions(NIC): 作为IT 或CT考题中的一部分进行考核. 
  Groups and overseas aspects of CT: 只在Q2中出题进行考核,分数不超过该题总分数的三分之一。 
  Q1和Q2中还可能包括计算chargeable gain的小题。 
  Ⅲ. FA08 变化: 
  2009年考试的依据是FA08。与FA07 相比,
  FA08中对税法规定做了较大修改,参考同学应认真阅读examiner 所写的两篇文章:
  Finance Act 2008 (student accountant June/July 2008) 
  和Capital Gains(student accountant February 2009)。 
  Ⅳ. 考点分析: 
  Q1 will focus on income tax.  
Key areas Dec. 07 exam June 08 exam Dec. 08 exam June 09 key areas
1. 计算5种收入
Adjusted Trading profit -从net profit 开始,根据税法规定,分析P/L a/c, 对应加或应减事项进行调整; -掌握capital allowances 的计算; -调整后运用basis period rules 计算assessable profits / allowable loss in a tax year 1.计算CA on expensive car with private use, GP assets; 2.PPS 的处理方法 1. 调整patent royalties, legal fees, gifts, private use of car/ house/telephone, withdrawal of goods for own use 2. CA on expensive car with private use 1. 准确掌握应加应减的调整事项,e.g. fine, excessive salary to family member, legal fees, rent of expensive car, lease premium, donations, subscriptions, private use, etc. 2. CA 的计算要注意long or short period of account及asset with private use. 3. explain badges of trade
Employment income -salary -bonus -benefits(exempt,/taxable benefits) -allowable deductions (e.g. employee’s OPS payment) 1.计算car benefit; 2.OPS的处理方法 1.计算loan benefit, 判断business travel 并计算deficit on mileage allowances; 1.判断bonus 2.计算 benefits:car & fuel/ accommodation/ mobile/club/overseas nights 1. 注意雇员在一个税年内受雇时间长短 2. 掌握各种exempt benefits, 并熟练计算taxable benefits, 如loan,car, fuel, van, private medical insurance, use/ gift of assets, etc. 2. 注意主要的allowable deductions(e.g. AMA), 3. explain employment/self employment
Property income 1. furnished: W & T allowances 2. unfurnished 1. 注意accrual basis 2. 掌握premium on short lease/sub-lease 的计算,wear and tear allowances计算, 3. rent a room relief(4250)
Saving income -received gross or net, but must be recorded grossed -some exempt income 1. NS&IB interest: received gross; 2.NSC interest: exempt 1.Interest from joint account 1. 熟练掌握exempt income (e.g. ISA, NSC, etc.) 2.注意有些interest received gross(e.g. gilts),不 可再进行grossed up
Dividends -recorded gross 注意exempt dividend(e.g. from ISAs)
2. 计算 total income IT payable 1.PPS: extend basic rate band 1.Qualifying interest 1. 注意PA/AA的运用 2. Gift aid donation, PPS 的处理
3. Loss reliefs 主要trading losses, 可能在Q4 , Q5中出题
4. tax planning 税务规划: 1. Husband & wife planning 2. Invest in ISAs
5. Other areas -IT self assessment -VAT -NIC -chargeable gain 1.计算NIC 及 balancing payment 2. Part (b) 10 分: output /input VAT计算; flat rate scheme的条件及计算 1.计算NIC class 1 primary & secondary 1.NICs for employed or self-employed: 5 types. 2. IT self assessment 中有关报表/付税及违反规定的处罚 3. VAT: input & output VAT计算/cease trading: transfer as going concern/ VAT deregistration/ return/ serious misdeclaration,cash accounting schemes, etc.
  Q 2 will focus on corporation tax 
Key areas Dec. 07 exam June 08 exam Dec. 08 June 09 Key areas
1. 计算5种收入
Adjusted trading profits/loss -从net profit/loss 开始, 按税法规定进行应加应减调整 -注意与IT中调整不同之处 1. 调整repairs, entertaining expenses, professional fees, interest, 2. 计算CA on plant and machinery; CA on industrial building 1.计算CA on industrial buildings; 2. CA on plant and machinery , 1. 调整 adjusted losses 2. 计算CA on plant and machinery; CA on industrial building 注意与IT不同调整之处: 1. CAP≤12 months. Long PoA: split into 2 CAP. 2. CA computation (changes in FA08) 3. interest; 4. dividend from other UK companies /associates/overseas, etc.
Property business income 注意interest on loan与IT中不同
Interest 1.Non-trading loan interest 1.accrual basis
Chargeable gains 1.gain given 1.IA 2. No TR, AE for companies. 3. 注意share的处理方法,
Overseas income - recorded gross, DTR profits PCTCTCT payable的计算 1. 注意Gift aid donation 2. 注意有short CAP, profits falling into two FYs, associates等情况下如何确定CT rate
3.Group and overseas aspect 1.75%group relief group 1.计算gross dividend (WHT UTL) 75% gains group
4.Loss reliefs maybe in Q4 Q5, 主要trading loss reliefs, 另外property loss的处理方法与IT中不同
5.Other -CT -VAT -NIC 1. explain when a/c period starts 2. VAT registration rules, pre-registration expenses, VAT invoices 1. VAT default surcharge annual accounting scheme 2. CT return, penalty 1.Company’s residence 3.CT administration (e.g. record/ payment of tax) 4. VAT(see Q1)
  Q3 will focus on chargeable gains in either a personal or a corporate context. 
Key areas Dec. 07 exam June 08 exam Dec. 08 exam June 09 key areas
1. 计算个人CGT -掌握basic computation 公式 -掌握 special rules: part disposal, chattel, loss/damage, shares, husband & wife -掌握CGT reliefs: PPR relief, entrepreneurs’ relief, rollover, gift relief, incorporation relief -Other area CCT payable 的计算 1. jointly owned properties: - car(exempt) - main residence(PPR relief) 2. individual’s disposal: - special rule: chattel - gift of shares: valuation rule - disposal of shares transferred to wife from husband 1.rollover relief: reinvested in freehold property ; 2.incorporation relief; relief; 4.special rule: destruction / part disposal 5.explain residence, ordinary residence 1. chattel rules 2. share valuation, rights issue; takeover 3. transfer between husband & wife 4. entrepreneurs’ relief: conditions & use 5. gift relief, incorporation relief 6. PPR relief and letting relief 7. rollover relief: reinvested in depreciating asset 8. current year loss, loss b/f 9. other changes introduced in FA 08
2.计算公司chargeable gain -掌握 basic computation公式 IA given to the date of disposal; -掌握 rollover relief for companies 1. disposal of freehold building(IA computation) 2. shares (matching rule) 3. shares (reorganization) 4. part disposal 1. 注意 IA 计算 2. group rollover relief (see Q1)
  Q4 and Q 5 will be on any area of the syllabus. 
Exam areas Dec. 07 exam June 08 exam Dec. 08 exam June 09 key areas
Q4 any areas IT: 1. advantages of FHL 2. 计算property business profit or loss IT 1. reduce payment on a/c 2. paper return due date 3. HMRC enquiry date/reason IT: basis period rule: 1. for partnership 2. with change of a/c date 3. with CA computation for 15 months’ period 1. CT / IT loss reliefs (mainly trading loss) 2. IT: adjusted trading profit/loss(计算CA) 3. separate VAT question(see Q1) 4. tax administration: e.g. date of payment, penalty, etc
Q5 any areas IT: 1.factors influence loss relief; 2. application of loss relief rules CT: 1.long period of a/c(15months): 计算CT liability and due date, including adjusted trading profits, CA, chargeable gains IT: 1. tax relief given to personal pension contributions
  以上是对F6考试情况的简要分析, 仅供同学们参考。预祝各位同学顺利通过考试。

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